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Our engineering teams offer several innovative products and are always improving technology so that you products perform better and faster.

Quick Prototype parts

We are happy to build you prototypes of sheet metal parts, assemblies and tubular assemblies so that you can easily assemble your products for testing purposes. Usually we are able to deliver these very fast through lots of engineering and very few physical tools. Our infrastructure enables us to design, machine, check, test, and deliver your products to your doorstep in a very short timeframe. Please do talk to us about how we can help you prototype your parts.

Prototyping : Tool and fixture
Our teams are capable of delivering prototype tooling through rapid design from our own custom libraries, quick manufacturing through various methods and rapid trials on dedicated trial lines.

Prototyping : CNC machining
We have various platforms to produce high quality machining programs quickly in order to be able to meet the highly critical short timelines of any prototyping project. We have our own machining facilities as well as excellent vendor relationships to deliver the machining in time.

Protyping : Component manufacture
Our dedicated lines are able to produce the prototype lot once the process is setup. Our teams have the depth of experience to deliver products through tradition or even production intent cast iron draw tools and various other tooling techniques.

Sheet Metal Tooling

ENCO teams have been building press tools since 1983 and are extremely experienced to deliver:

  • High quality & accuracy
  • Repeatability
  • Long tool life
  • Engineered cost effectiveness for the manufacturing process and the tool itself balanced with the quality requirements
  • Products offered within the sheet metal tooling space:
    • Tandem press dies
    • Progressive tools

Checking fixtures & Panel checkers

We manufacture precise checking fixtures, panel checkers and receiving gauges designed and engineered for robust, durable & accurate performance over its lifetime.

Special purpose machines

We are happy to deliver SPMs with a product line to improve your line efficiency and quality. As the name suggests these are products that are 100% customized for the application and usually only useful for the lifetime of the product being manufactured. We recommend these only for high volume long lasting products or where the machine can be designed to be adaptable to other products as well. Talk to us about how we can help you make your lines highly productive with extremely low rejections.




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