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Engineering services are our core competence and we have delivered these for the entirety of our existence all over the India and overseas. Our engineering services team is the first to deal with a product in order to get the process, tooling, fixtures, checking mechanisms, automation, and other parameters right so that the product can be delivered flawlessly through its lifetime to you. Our emphasis on these services has always been high and we have been pioneers in the country in adding technologies to deliver faster and more accurate solutions.

Design: Product, process and infrastructure

ENCO offers a variety of design services for many applications in the engineering space. Please call us or write to us about your design needs. Examples of our design work :

  • Process design:
    • Process flow design – our teams have experience in this field for every automotive part that we produce today
    • Factory automation & special purpose machine design – we have delivered solutions for reducing variance in processes through elimination of human error and improvement of production speed.
    • Tool design – for sheet metal, coated sheet, ductile and high tensile materials and other material applications. Our tools are engineered for long life, high accuracy, and adaptability.
    • Fixture design – for MIG, spot, multi-spot, projection and other types of welding applications including the PLC controlled automation for enhanced productivity, better control and high precision applications
    • Robotics – engineered for space efficient high productivity cells to work with fixtures, material flow and quality systems
  • Infrastructure design
    • Plant design – addressing material flow, utility supply, maintenance efficiency, power consumption, cost conservation, security and theft related measures we have designed and executed various plant layouts.
    • Line design for specific products – For highly specialized or high volume parts specific lines are required to deliver high productivity with low variability.
  • Product design
    • We are happy to take range bound functional parameters and design your product for your specific application. Along with this effort we will need to create testing facilities, trial facilities and conduct field tests as well. Please talk to us about customizing your applications.


Simulation is the key to any good design and rapid execution and we offer several simulation services such as sheet metal flow analysis, penetration analysis, distortion analysis and automation path analysis.



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