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Our products and services span the entire gamut of the metal products industry from tooling to part supply to surface coating. We tirelessly work towards improving our technology in order to deliver the highest quality with the most productive lines in the industry.

Surface Coating

We offer a variety of surface coating facilities at a number of locations pan India. Talk to us about the right coating or surface treatment for your application. Read More

Engineering Services

Engineering services are our core competence and we have delivered these for the entirety of our existence all over the India and overseas. Our engineering services team is the first to deal with a product in order to get the process, tooling, fixtures, checking mechanisms, automation, and other parameters right so that the product can be delivered flawlessly through its lifetime to you. Read More

Engineering Products

Our engineering teams offer several innovative products and are always improving technology so that you products perform better and faster. Read More

Medium to high volume products

Automotive products have been our mainstay for years. Our teams understand many of the automotive applications that we have serviced in the past and are keen to understand new avenues where our current or adjacent technology can be applied. Read More

Quality Labs

Quality is at the core of ENCO and we believe in thoroughly conducting our diligence before even shipping the first sample. Read More


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