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At ENCO, we proudly utilize an automated Electro Deposition (ED) Coating process that defines excellence in quality. We have specifically engineered a no-touch, streamlined ED coating technique that offers precise, consistently superior surface treatment. Our cutting-edge technology provides an unbeatable coating thickness consistency, turning ED Coating into the optimal surface treatment for a majority of products.

Historically, Powder Coating has had its place in surface treatment technologies. Primarily deployed in lower salt spray environments, it has been proven as a functional choice. Today, our ED Coating technology largely surpasses Powder Coating due to its automated precision and superior results, yet we remain dedicated to meeting specific demands that may require Powder Coating solutions. 

Therefore, if you need a distinct application necessitating Powder Coating, our experienced team would be more than happy to facilitate this service, despite our inclination towards our optimized ED Coating process.

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