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Suspension Parts

For the unacquainted, a vehicle’s suspension is more than just a bunch of springs and shocks. It’s a meticulously designed and technologically advanced system comprising several critical components, each with a crucial role to play.

At ENCO, we take immense pride in our state-of-the-art suspension products. As the spine of any vehicle, we understand the importance of the suspension system in ensuring a smooth and safe journey.

By carefully tuning each suspension, we achieve the right balance, helping keep the wheel in constant contact with the road and maximizing traction. Every suspension component we design and create at ENCO brings you a step closer to attaining optimal vehicle performance.

Our expert team designs unique front and rear suspensions that adhere to various vehicle models, reflecting our mastery and understanding of automobile complexities. In addition to ensuring top-notch performance, we understand that a well-crafted suspension also shields the vehicle and its cargo from damage and wear, contributing to its lifespan.

For us at ENCO, it is not just about providing parts; it’s about giving your vehicle longevity and making sure every ride you take is one of supreme comfort and superior control.

Chassis & Suspension Products

  1. Drum brake backplates
  2. Rear trailing arms
  3. Lateral, connecting & compression rods
  4. Front Control arms
  5. Anti-vibration mounts
  6. Brake booster shells
  7. ABC Pedals
  8. Mounting Brackets with plastic & rubber
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