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Pipe & Rod (Bending+Forming)

Since our inception in 1987, we’ve cultivated unparalleled expertise in manufacturing intricate tubular parts. Our broad operations spectrum includes swaging, pipe cutting, chamfering, tubular bending, tubular welding, and the production of bushes from pipes as well as sheets. 

Seam-welded short tubes or bushes also belong to our vast production repertoire, setting us apart in the highly competitive technology and manufacturing industry. Specializing in pipe and rod bending, we utilize advanced techniques to meet the various needs of our clients. Whether you require a one-off prototype or large-scale production runs, we deliver consistently high-quality results.

We aim to stretch the boundaries of current bending and forming capabilities and present innovative solutions tailored to the complex design and strength requirements of our diverse client base. In the sphere of Tubular Processing, our depth of experience speaks volumes about our dedication. We’ve consistently exceeded the industry standard by handling pipes with a thickness from 1mm to 4mm and a diameter of 20mm to 70mm, fulfilling the most demanding manufacturing assignments.

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