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Body-In-White Products

Body-in-White (BIW) represents an essential phase in the automotive manufacturing process. The term refers to the point at which a car’s metal body components have been meticulously shaped, moulded, and assembled. Once welded together, these form the skeleton of the vehicle, primed and ready for further additions such as the engine, interior furnishings and exterior paint – the fundamental features which transfigure this skeletal form into your dream car. However, the name, Body-in-White, isn’t due to this skeletal analogy but the gleaming, raw metallic look of the vehicle structure pre-painting.

Each of our BIW units embodies precision, durability and visual elegance, carefully forged under stringent quality control. This provides an enduring structural integrity for every automobile, offering passengers both safety and style. Beyond offering stellar Body-in-White solutions, ENCO is committed to incessantly advancing our manufacturing technologies. Backed by a vigorous R&D department, we continuously experiment, evolve, and elevate our production processes, embracing an approach that’s centered around proactive innovation. 

We never cease to set the bar higher, aspiring not only to meet the expectations of the rapidly transforming automotive industry but to redefine them.

BIW Products

  1. Side impact safety beams
  2. Room lamp+rail roof assemblies
  3. Roof members
  4. Fuel tank mounts
  5. Cross member assemblies
  6. Seat supports & mounts
  7. Wheel housings
  8. Pedal brackets

Responsive, Consistent Braking Power

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INTRAAX Model Reference Suspension Capacity (LBS.) Axle Rating1 (LBS.) Ride Height2 (IN.) Base Model Weight (LBS.)
AANL 23K 23K 23K 6.5, 7.5, 9, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17 521
  1. Axle structure rating only. Brakes, wheels and tires rated separately.
  2. Suspension ride heights must be set in order to provide load equalization among axles and to ensure proper suspension performance. Failure to maintain proper ride height settings can lead to suspension, axle or trailer damage.
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