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We provide daily On-the-Job Training (OJT) which is meticulously tailored to strengthen your practical skills in your specific role. Our daily OJT has been widely recognized for promoting experiential learning, providing real-time feedback and driving on-spot skill enhancement. 

We also organize role-specific functional and management training, facilitated by leaders at the helm of the industry, whose knowledge and insights can add tremendous value to your journey with us.

For those passionate about personal and professional growth, we even offer sabbaticals to undertake additional training or further studies, fostering a lifelong learning spirit. The dynamic landscape of manufacturing technology requires continuous knowledge upgrades, and these sabbaticals offer an excellent opportunity for such pursuits. 

Being an integral part of ENCO means more than just being part of an organization – it is about being part of a vibrant culture of continuous learning.

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ENCO is an R&D led innovative world class automotive products and services provider.





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