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“At ENCO, our mission goes beyond mere manufacturing; we offer groundbreaking SPMs built on robust technology that perfectly suits your specific production process, delivering exceptional results every time. Unlike typical off-the-shelf machines, our custom-made machines promise versatility that caters to a range of applications, adding significant value to your business. 

The beauty of our SPMs lies in their design, flexibility and adaptability, making them not only effective for the lifespan of your existing product but potentially adaptable to future products as well. The objective? To ensure longevity and sustained quality performance in your manufacturing processes.

For high-volume and long-lasting products, we advocate our specialised robotic & automation technology to maximise efficiency and quality, revolutionising the way you experience manufacturing. We realise that each product, each line, and each company has its unique challenges. Therefore, we offer specialised solutions tailor-made for your needs.”

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ENCO is an R&D led innovative world class automotive products and services provider.





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