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In an industry where dynamism, precision, and high performance are critical, ENCO is committed to driving success. As an industry leader in R&D led automotive solutions, our approach is far from one-size-fits-all. We deliver bespoke products and services specifically designed for the automobile industry to keep up with its rapid and constant evolution.

With an extensive portfolio covering a variety of automobile essentials such as car body structures, suspensions, chassis, brakes, engine mounting systems, and anti-vibration systems, we set ourselves apart in this industry. We support various esteemed vehicle brands, promising durability, reliability, and above all, safety.

Our constant efforts in R&D, innovative product development, and nurturing partnerships put us on a progressive path of enhancing our offerings. Our determination fuels us to explore novel automotive technologies and introduce advanced automotive components that promote efficiency and exceed expectations.

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ENCO is an R&D led innovative world class automotive products and services provider.





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