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“FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) – The twin forces driving innovative engineering. While these terms may often seem interchangeable, each comes with its unique set of attributes that allow you to assess, refine, and improve your designs in intricate detail.

FEA is a numerical technique used for finding approximate solutions to boundary value problems for differential equations. It is extensively used in the realms of mechanical design and product development, essentially splitting the object into numerous finite elements, allowing complex calculations to optimize and validate each design. On the other hand, CAE software’s have the ability to ‘chunk’ down an entire object’s geometry into smaller, manageable parts and use advanced mathematical modelling to forecast the performance of a bigger part or system. 

It offers the depth and breadth of technology you need to digitize your engineering workflows, from meshing to pre-processing, from multi-domain simulation to post-processing and results visualization. When used together, FEA & CAE help optimize design processes, minimize manufacturing errors, reduce production costs and enable quicker product launches – bringing robust, high-performing products to market faster than ever before.

At ENCO, we leverage the full potential of FEA and CAE to ensure you achieve utmost productivity with minimal rejection rates.”

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